Our Dementia Pledge
Corner Lodge

Textbox Section
In February 2015, Corner Lodge signed the Dementia Pledge to show our commitment to developing our employees’ understanding of dementia and continuing to adapt and improve the service we provide to meet the needs of the person living with dementia.

The Pledge is divided into four principles:

Know The Person Who Is Living With Dementia:

  • Person Centred care planning
  • Life stories for everyone
  • Developing an ethos where Relationship Centred Care is encouraged to thrive
Value Focused Care:

  • People with dementia and carers should be involved in developing the organisations values
  • Value based recruitment in addition to recruiting for skills and qualifications
  • Workers must be supported to translate the values of the organisation into how they support people with dementia
Quality Care, Quality Life:

  • A focus on Relationship Centred care to support personal outcomes
  • A commitment to promoting the dignity and respect of each individual
  • Establish an effective relationship with the family with the person living with dementia at the heart, built on sharing relevant information and being clear about expectations
  • Opportunities for staff development and learning are on-going, embedded into practice and supported through supervision and appraisal
  • Training of a recognised standard that meets the needs of the person with dementia and the care provider
  • Advanced care planning to support End of Life
Everybody Has A Leadership Role:

  • Everyone working in the care environment must have an understanding of dementia
  • There must be a shared commitment to achieving the Dementia Pledge
  • There must be a shared desire to continuously improve the outcomes for people with dementia
  • There must be a willingness to keep up to date with developments in research into dementia
  • Create a culture, with attitudes, philosophy, and ethos which support the person living with dementia
For more information visit http://www.dementiapledge.co.uk/