We are investing in various latest technology to keep our residents and staff safe, and were featured on BBC Look East for Temperature technology and sanitisation. We are constantly reviewing our robust PPE policy & cleaning regimes, so we are ahead of govt recommendations, & ensuring we stay alert through latest Public Health Training for staff.

These robust measures are absolutely necessary to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our vulnerable residents and we will continue to assess the risk and take steps to prevent, detect and control any spread of infections.

Please be aware that the guidelines in regard to best practice containment recommendations for the COVID-19 are developing and changing daily. This is the present situation, however, if circumstances change, further updates will be promptly announced.


We are opening the home to visitors under the following conditions:

  • Families will meet with the residents in either the Foyer or speak through the lattice panels in the front Garden
  • Visits are restricted to 2 persons visiting for a length of 20 minutes
  • Each visitor to limited to 1 visit per week.
  • Visitors must be between the ages of 20 – 70 years old
  • Visitors must have their temperature taken, pass through the disinfection gate, and wear a mask during their visit.
  • * Exceptions will be made for any urgent visits, by arrangement with the Manager or Directors of the home (for example Palliative Care)


    In these uncertain times for the Residents’ personal safety they will be restricted to the Home with the exception of Trishaw rides and escorted healthcare visits


  • Families will be encouraged to SKYPE their loved ones;
  • We have a dedicated Resident’s Line for families who wish to call their loved ones – 01255 711028
  • We are working to ensure that our residents will be helped to use software for video calling, to allow families to keep in contact
  • We are requesting families to provide us their email address. Please provide to the admin staff.
  • Activities within the home will continued to be offered to head off any feelings of isolation.

    Thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding.


  • Staff are to bring their uniform to work in a separate bag and change into their uniform before starting their shift and removed at the end of the shift
  • Staff are required to have their temperature taken and pass through the disinfection gate when entering the building
  • Staff are required to wear a mask at all times within the building or when assisting a resident.
  • When assisting a resident, staff are to wear a mask, gloves, and if needed an apron when assisting a resident or serving meals
  • Strict handwashing guidelines are in place
  • Alcohol hand gel is required to be used after handwashing.
  • The home’s cleaning schedule has been increased to include afternoon and evening cleaning routines in all communal and high-traffic areas
  • Thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding.

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