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The idea was to convert a little used lounge on the ground floor to an immersive reminiscence activity area by the construction of a train carriage (with video & windows), station platform, and a station garden seating area. We were featured on BBC Look East & BBC Radio Essex for this innovative idea.

In the past, we had small displays and artwork of life, advertising, news items that the Residents would remember from their childhood and as adults with a family of their own. This resulted in quick comments or brief conversations, fleeting moments in the Residents day. The Corner Lodge Express and Station is a complete package. The video shown is of scenery and generic cities that someone would see as a train was in route to a destination. We are currently looking for additional videos of other journeys (e.g.: Paris and other European cities, London area, etc).

The Corner Lodge Express took her first trip on 4th September 2019 in a Grand Opening celebration.

It is our goal to enrich the lives of the Residents will be improved by offering them the option of alternative seating areas that have been decorated as authentically as possible to replicate train travel in the 1950/60s. The Residents will have the opportunity to discuss with each other train journeys they have taken, memories of various events of the period, and these memories are shared with the staff who have learned about the Residents lives as well as tidbits of history they may not have known.

We were extremely fortunate to have received tremendous community support and donations of goods and services as a result of the Tendring Districts commitment to become more Dementia friendly and learning about the effects of the disease.

We have also created a front garden where the Residents can relax, watch the world go by, have a chat with the neighbours as they visit the shops and post office, have a cup of tea, or enjoy a meal.